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About Inertia Oy (Inertia Ltd)

Inertia Oy (Inertia Ltd) is a Small Business with several fields of activity and whose one branch of business is IT Consultancy.

With these pages we try to give advice especially for acquiring Freeware. We have studied the market and made recommendations of the best available Freeware programs in each branch.

The recommendations are based on our own research and our own experience about the available programs.

At the next pages we present in our opinion the Best Freeware programs.

Our aim is to concentrate on the very best Freeware programs.

quote Only the Best is good enough. Sometimes Freeware may be The Best. unquote

We cover the following Best Freeware

image - Firewalls
- Anti-Virus
- Anti-Malware
- Computer Clean-up SW
- Defragmentation SW
- Uninstall SW
- Undelete / File Recovery SW
- Internet Browsers
- Office Suites
- Other Best Freeware


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