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Firewall Programs

Comodo Firewall is in our opinion the best free firewall. It outperforms all other firewalls even the paid for firewalls.

The most comprehensive firewall test we know of is that performed by matousec. The test includes all significant firewalls. Only Windows firewall is missing. The free Comodo Firewall is according to the test results superior. It is the only SW Firewall that passed clearly all items in the test. 110 tests were performed in the test. The easy to read results can be found at the address matousec. We recommend Comodo Firewall and Privatefirewall as the only free firewalls that matousec recommends as well.

In Comodo firewall program there is in addition to the superior firewall also a HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System) feature. The Comodo Firewall program offers also the possibility to surf the Internet with a virtual, sandboxed internet browser (Virtual Comodo Dragon).

You can download the Comodo Firewall program from the following web page at Comodo Firewall.

If Comodo Firewall for some reason does not fit, we recommend as the second alternative Privatefirewall program.

Privatefirewall can be downloaded at the following web page Privatefirewall.

quote Only the Best is good enough. Sometimes even freeware can be The Best. unquote

Anti-Virus Programs


The most recommendable free Anti-Virus program is the free Avast! 2020 Antivirus. If it does not suit you, we recommend the free AVG Antivirus program. With Avast recommendation we are more careful than with our earlier Avast recommendations, due to incompatibility issues in conjunction with operation system updates.

Avast! is very light program in regard to computer resource consumption.

We use the paid for version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2020 program in all of our workstations.

As a benefit with Avast 2020 Antivirus and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2020 programs in addition to performance there are several user interface (GUI) languages available.

The Avast! 2020 Antivirus program can be downloaded at the following English reading web page Avast! 2020 Antivirus.

The AVG Antivirus program can be downloaded at the following web page AVG Antivirus.

The Kaspersky Anti-Virus program can be downloaded at the following web page Kaspersky Anti-Virus.




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