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File Defragmentation

For defragmention we recommend as the best alternative Auslogics Disk Defrag Free program.

It has proven in the long run as an efficient and safe defragmentation program, which offers also system optimization capabilities. Defragmentation is known to improve computer performance, when file data are stored on the computer disk in contiguous sequence and when data read operations are faster than in the case when data is scattered all around the hard disk.

We do not recommend defragmentation for SSD (Solid-State Device, Solid-State Disk or Electronic Disk) type of disks, because retrieving data from them is always as fast even when defragmentation occurs.It depend on the fact that there are no moving parts in SSD disks. Defragmentation operations of a SSD disk would only wear out the disk, because the life span of that sort of disk is dependent on overwrite amount.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Free program can be downloaded at web page at Auslogics Disk Defrag Free.

quote Only the Best is good enough. Sometimes Freeware may be The Best. unquote

Uninstall of Programs


For uninstall of programs we recommend the free Revo Uninstaller program.

However, you have to use judgement when the program recommends deleting registry entries that it thinks are useless. Sometimes (in rare cases) this type of registry entries may in fact be related to a completely other program than which is being removed. In such a case deleting such entries would cause harm. The Revo Uninstaller program creates always a recovery point before it removes a program, so you can always return to the previous state.

There is also a paid for version of the program, which is more many-sided Revo Uninstaller Pro version, but the free version is quite enough for what is needed in our opinion .

The Revo Uninstaller can be downloaded at the following web page Revo Uninstaller.


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