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File Recovery (Undelete)

For recovering files we recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery (Free Edition) and Recuva programs.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery program is very efficient and easy-to-use, but the free edition has a total limitation limit for the recovered files.

You can download The MiniTool PowerData Recovery program at the following web page MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recuva (pronounced as the word Recover) can be downloaded at the following web page Recuva.

quote Only the Best is good enough. Sometimes Freeware may be The Best. unquote

Internet Browsers


We recommend the multi-language Microsoft Edge internet browser because of its speed, low resource usage, and security and privacy.

We recommend the multi-language Mozilla Firefox internet browser especially because of its safety and privacy. It can be downloaded at the following web page Mozilla Firefox.

If you want to be able to custom build your internet browser the way that was possible with Firefox before version 52, we recommend as an internet browser for instance the Waterfox browser, which has an multi-language GUI. It would appear that most add-ons built for Firefox also work flawlessly in or with the Waterfox browser. We moved to using Waterfox in our primary workstation, when the support for add-ons was removed from Firefox. You can download the Waterfox browser at the following web page Waterfox.

We also recommend the multi-language Google Chrome internet browser because of its speed, safety and because it complies well with standards. You can download it at the following web page Google Chrome.


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